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SERT Group International offers a range of tactical combat casualty care and medical training courses . Our Warrior Medicine courses are designed for armed professionals operating in high threat environments from Los Angeles, California, to the eastern seaboard of the United States, and abroad.

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"Warrior Medicine"

Tactical Combat Casualty Care

Our Courses

SERT Group International offers two types of training. Tactical combat casualty care medical courses are designed for operators, doctors, nurses, and other medical providers who are organic to a team or unit. These courses provide in-depth training for designated providers and include dental and advanced skills labs. Typically, these courses run 3 to 5 days.

Trauma management courses are geared toward armed professionals with little or no formal medical training and are specific to assault personnel, QRF, and other tactical operators. This allows for immediate life-saving treatment in restricted or denied areas before advanced care is available. This is typically a two-day course, but can be extended to provide a more in-depth and intensive training experience. All of the courses employ stress drills including force-on-force and reality-based scenario training. Custom courses such as our scenario-driven "Advanced Casualty Management" can be arranged for your particular mission or circumstances.

*Enrollment in These Courses is Limited to Law Enforcement, Military, and Security Personnel Only.