Training Solutions for High Threat Environments

Tactical Firearms Training

Tactical Firearms Training for Military and Law Enforcement

One of the primary missions of SERT Group International is providing up to date, cutting edge firearms training to armed professionals. We strive to prepare our men and women in uniform to successfully dominate the situations they will face in the field whether in Los Angeles, across the country or abroad.

Tactical  Pistol 1 Tactical Pistol Advanced Tactical Carbine Close Quarters Combatives Tactical Edged Weapons

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Because of the unpredictable nature of operations in hostile environments, and an alliance with other subject-matter experts, we felt we could offer a wider range of tactical skills training to better accommodate the changing dynamics of combat in urban, maritime, and other high risk environments.

These courses are for law enforcement, military, and armed security professionals only. We have been training clients from the U.S. military, local, state, and federal law enforcement and other security professionals since 2001. Our lead instructors all have real world operational military or law enforcement experience.

The tactical firearms training courses we offer are challenging, high-speed, and address real world situations and solutions. Our tactical medical courses reflect the latest advances in combat casualty care and will prepare you to deal with casualties quickly and

The close quarters skills are combat proven techniques that will allow
you to overcome an attacker or subdue a suspect rapidly and aggressively. We
can adapt any of our programs to your specific mission and capability. Our courses can be given globally, at your location by our Mobile Training Team.

Military Tactical Training

*Enrollment in These Courses are Limited to Law Enforcement, Military, and Security Personnel Only.