Training Solutions for High Threat Environments


Defense 360 Firearms Courses

Not Just Another Shooting Class! These are the courses you will be taking.

Owning a firearm and shooting at the range is time well spent becoming familiar with your gun but if the weapon is intended to protect your life or those of your loved ones, there is no substitution for professional training. The Defense 360 series is designed to instill confidence and increase your proficiency in the use of a firearm under very stressful conditions. You will not only learn marksmanship and combat accuracy but also how to develop your own threat matrix, reaction time, and alternate force options.

We will also teach you when NOT to shoot and how to respond after a deadly force encounter. Perhaps one of the most important skills we will teach you is how to practice by yourself. As the series progresses you will be faced with increasingly complex situations and learn the appropriate responses to them. In addition to shooting skills, each level will offer a comprehensive look into threats facing our society and options in dealing with them using realistic based examples and force on force drills.

The Defensive 360 series is not about wearing equipment that you won't have readily available in your normal civilian life nor is it about shooting as many rounds into paper as fast as you can. It is about learning how to protect yourself and your families in times of crisis using the tools you would normally have available, and making the appropriate decisions to respond to them.

Basic Defensive Pistol

Basic Defensive Pistol

This course will train you in the basics of employing a pistol for the purpose of defending yourself and others.  We will cover the basic principles, techniques and procedures of defensive shooting including: when to shoot, combat accuracy, reloading under stress, weapon malfunctions, target acquisition, shooting on the move and more.  Multiple target engagements, quick reaction drills, mindset, instinctive shooting, tactical care of the gunshot victim, and other drills will develop the skills you will need in the event you have to legally engage a lethal threat to you or your loved ones.  This course satisfies the requirements for the Defense 360 Pistol class.

D 360 Pistol Level 1

This course will cover the basics of safe defensive pistol handling with the primary focus on marksmanship and accuracy. This is not a beginner's course however.

We will teach you how to clear malfunctions and think under pressure. Training will include: observation drills, exercises to improve your sight picture, basic movement and the fundamentals of close quarters engagement. Weapon choices, equipment and ammunition will also be covered. Reality based stress drills will help to lock in the basic principles and we will teach you drills you can do at home or on the road to keep proficient.

This class is the first in the D 360 series and is required for those that are planning on enrolling in the other pistol courses. Classes will be limited to 12 participants. Note: You MUST have taken a prior firearms training course to attend as this is NOT a "basic" course. Must be 21 or older. ID will be required.

Pistol Training Courses

D 360 Pistol Level 2

In this class we will build on the skills you learned in Level 1. You will be introduced to new concepts including concealed carry, presentation, and unconventional shooting positions.

You will also encounter multiple targets and obstacles. This level features more complex reality based situations and transitions. We also add intensive weapon retention skills and alternate defensive tactics.

The pre-requisite to this course is Level 1.

D 360 Advanced Pistol

Advanced Pistol is physically challenging and stress intensive. We will cover in depth: vehicle, home, 3rd party, and area defense. Crowds, small spaces, multiple attackers, and various weapons will test your observation, deterrence, and defensive tactics skills. Low light encounters will also be covered.

This is a two day course. The pre- requisite is Level 2

Advanced Pistol Training Course

Shotgun Training Course

D 360 Shotgun

The shotgun has traditionally been the weapon of choice for home defense. In this course you will learn how to safely employ, maintain, and operate the weapon. You will be taught about the various types of ammunition available and their capabilities in various environments. Drills and reality based scenarios will include learning how to shoot and maneuver in close quarters.

There is no pre-requisite for this class but it is strongly suggested that you already be familiar with your shotgun.

D 360 Multiple Skills Engagement

The Multiple Skills Engagement course will be a very challenging, reality based progression of scenarios that will require quick observation and decision making skills as well as personal threat analysis and mitigation.

You will be faced with various threats that may require the use of lethal force using a pistol, shotgun, knife or weapons of opportunity. You will learn to navigate through threats and attacks in real time.

This class will  be available soon but can be scheduled for a group or private individual now.

Note: The Defense 360 series can be taught to groups or individuals that prefer discrete training. Contact us for more information. If you would prefer to host a class, we can also provide this training at your approved location.

D 360

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Individual Defensive Tactics for School Faculty

This class is designed to give you the tactics and skills necessary to keeping your students safe during an active shooter  situation. This class includes firearms training but can also be taught when the use of a firearm is prohibited or illegal. Based on close quarters combatives taught to military and law enforcement, this course could help save the lives of your student's and yourself if confronted by an attacker. We also include a module on bleeding control.

Learn techniques to recognize potential or actual threats, avoidance and deterrence techniques, weapons of opportunity and how to use your own natural weapons to defend yourself. Stress drills, multiple attacker scenarios help to make this training very realistic.

This class is taught by request only.

Emergency Trauma and Disaster Care

Would you know what to do if you or a loved one suffered a traumatic injury and help was unavailable due to a natural disaster or a terrorist incident?

This training could save your life. We will teach you how to evaluate and treat injuries, the use of available materials to make splints, bandages and immobilization devices, what supplies you need to have in a first aid kit and a lot more.

If you are your own first responder then you NEED this course!

Civilian Trauma Training Course