Training Solutions for High Threat Environments

Care Under Fire- First Response

Civilians, Law Enforcement, Military

Date: August 18, 2018                                                                                             

Angeles Ranges

12651 North Little Tujunga Canyon Road

Lake View Terrace, CA 91342

$ 150 Includes Range Fee.  Class Size is Limited to 12 participants.

Range: Eagles Nest D

0800 Hrs

Because of the increase in active and random shooter incidents, we have designed this course specifically for civilians, law enforcement officers , and military personnel  with little or no medical training. Combining skills training and live fire scenarios, we will teach you lifesavings skills that combat medics have been using to save lives. These skills are combat proven and easy to learn. We have taught them to military, law enforcement, and are now offering them to the civilian community.
This live fire course will consist of skills training and various rescue, self-care and buddy care scenarios. You will learn the proper applications of clotting agents, tourniquets, bandages, wound packing and improvised supplies as well as rescue techniques under fire, teamwork and basic triage in the case of multiple casualties.

We are only taking 12 students so early registration is highly encouraged.  Learn tactical medical techniques and skills our military has developed on the battlefield since 9/11, from one of the first medics to teach Tactical Combat Casualty Care from its beginning.

Topics we will cover include:

Care Under Fire

Bleeding and Airway Control

Tourniquet Application

Proper Use of Clotting Agents

Self and Buddy Care

Rescue and Teamwork

Basic Triage and Assessment

Tactical Movement and Evacuation

We hope you will never have to use the skills that you learn from this course, but if you do, you will be glad you took this class.

See class requirements below.

Online registration is required by August 1 ,2018 unless otherwise agreed upon. Minimum age is 18 and U.S. citizen. ID is required(Registration form is below.) Refunds are subject to 15% processing fee. Please read our cancellation policy on the website application form.

All major credit cards accepted.

Active or reserve military and law enforcement will receive a 10%  discount. 

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AR or Shotgun (Sling Suggested) 

150 Rounds Rifle ammo (minimum)

150 Rounds Birdshot if Bringing Shotgun

Shell Carrier or Bandolier( Suggested)

Pistol With Holster -

100 Rds Pistol Ammo (200 if Not Bringing Long Gun)

Boots / Long Pants or BDU's

Eye and Ear Protection

Water and / or Snacks



Space is limited so register now!

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