Training Solutions for High Threat Environments

Defensive Shotgun

August 25, 2019

Angeles Ranges

12651 North Little Tujunga Canyon Road

Lake View Terrace, CA 91342              

0900 Hrs

Tactical Shotgun Course


The shotgun has traditionally been the weapon of choice for home defense.

If you own a shotgun, this course will improve your skills and tactics, and mindset. We will cover weapon choices, ammunition types, and accessories. You will be trained how to move safely thru the home, shooting while moving,communication skills, safe room essentials and decision making. We will also cover the basics of weapon retention and transitions to pistol or non-lethal close-quarters skills and outdoors shooting.

This will not be just another shotgun course. Class size will be limited to 10. Register early as you really don't want to miss this.

Course Fee: $150
Online registration is required by August 20 ,2019. (Registration form is below.) Refunds are subject to 15% processing fee. Please read our cancellation policy on the website application form.

All major credit cards accepted.

Payment must be made by August 21, 2019 unless otherwise agreed upon. Minimum age is 18 and U.S. citizen. 


10% Discount for Law Enforcement, Military, and First Responders. Contact Us for Details.


Pump or Semi-Automatic Shotgun (Sling Suggested)

125 Rounds Birdshot

35 Rounds Buck

10 Slugs

Shell Carrier or Bandolier( Suggested)

Pistol With Holster (If Avail) - 50 Rds Ammo

Boots / Long Pants or BDU's

Eye and Ear Protection

Water and / or Snacks



Water and / or Snacks

Space is limited so register now!

Tactical Shotgun