Training Solutions for High Threat Environments

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Pistols Combat Training

Combat Pistol 1

This course will review the basics of the combat pistol, including weapon malfunctions, target acquisition, shooting on the move, and unconventional shooting platforms. The training will then progress quickly to multiple target engagements, quick reaction drills, mindset, instinctive shooting, tactical care of the gunshot victim, and other drills.

Combat Pistol Advanced

Prerequisite: Combat Pistol 1

Our two-day advanced course takes the skills learned in Combat Pistol 1 and integrates them into a more demanding skills set, including hostage situations, tactical entries, disability drills, and force on force encounters. This will allow you to more effectively neutralize enemies.

Advanced Combat Pistol Training

Close Quarters Combative Training

Close Quarters Combatives

The ability to employ defensive tactics quickly, to end a confrontation is critical. There are numerous anecdotal reports from downrange, regarding close quarters hand to hand engagements, where a knife was used to end the fight. We have added a master defensive tactics instructor to our cadre and will provide these courses as stand alone or as an additional component to any of our other courses.

This training will focus on specialized operational skills that will enhance your force option capabilities. Additional courses will be added over time, as necessity dictates

Space Domination

This training provides the operator working in close quarters with various options, up to and including lethal force, when confronted by uncooperative individuals. These techniques are designed to subdue an opponent quickly, and forcefully. Combatives are taught with and without weapons to address a variety of situations and environments. These combat proven skills are easily learned.

Tactical Edged Weapons 1

When faced with an attacker that is armed with an edged weapon, reaction time and the ability to counter the threat is often the difference between life and death. This course teaches the basic skills in the employment of and defense against knife attacks.

  • Knife Versus Other Weapons
  • Attack Stances, and Grip
  • Weapons of Opportunity
  • Choosing an Edged Weapon
  • Movement
  • Levels of Force
  • Treating Hemorrhage
  • Drills and Scenarios

Close Quarters Combative Training

Tactical Edged Weapons Training

Tactical Edged Weapons 2

Prerequisite: Tactical Edged Weapons 1

Defensive Tactics and aggressive offensive counter assault skills are stressed in the second level. Stress Drills, utilizing shock knives and high speed scenarios will reinforce the lessons.

  • Simplifying The Assault
  • Empty Hand skills
  • Common Attacks
  • Advanced Drills
  • Strategy, Tactics, and Techniques