Training Solutions for High Threat Environments

Personal Security Training

Your personal safety is your responsibility.

Whether you own a gun or not, training to be prepared to defend yourself or your family should be of prime importance to you. In order to be effective, should the unthinkable ever arise, you need professional training. Our defensive tactics and firearms classes are structured to provide real world, easy to learn techniques and skills that will help you to avoid,or prevail and escape a potentially hostile situation. From simple, proven, unarmed combatives to firearms proficiency we strive to instill the necessary skills and confidence you need to stay safe.

For women that have never handled a firearm before, we offer a basic class that will teach you the fundamentals of shooting and how to be safe around a gun. For the advanced shooter, we provide a challenging series of courses. Regardless of the level of protection and safety you are seeking, we can provide the training you need.

Your safety is our priority.

Safety With Firearms Class

For new gun owners or those considering purchasing a firearm, this class will teach you how to safely handle, clean, and store a firearm. This is especially valuable if you have children. The class is held at a shooting range and is a combination of lecture and hands on training.

Woman holding gun next to instructor

Basic Firearms Training

These defensive classes are for those that have some experience shooting. In the basic class we will teach you how to shoot accurately, clear malfunctions with the weapon, work from a holster. You will not only learn when and how to shoot, but also when not to shoot and your legal rights to defend yourself.

Advanced Defensive Pistol 

In the advanced class we will build on the basics, and through drills and scenarios we will train you to deal with threats when your hands are full, from a vehicle, or in other situations that you may encounter in your daily routine.

We can customize any of these classes to meet your particular needs. Private lessons are also available.

Advance pistol

Womens Defensive Tactics

Women's Defensive Tactics Class 

Learn how to recognize a potential threat through observation and awareness techniques. We will teach you to avoid becoming a victim through the use of verbal deterrence, avoidance methods and combative skills. Most importantly, we will help you learn how to stay safe in any environment.

Course Includes:

  • How to Interpret Body Language
  • The Color Code That Will Keep You Aware of Your Surroundings
  • Verbal Deterrence Techniques
  • Escape Tactics
  • Combative Skills
  • Weapons of Opportunity


  • Comfortable Clothes You Can Train In
  • Tennis Shoes (No Hard Soled Shoes)
  • Notebook and Pen
  • Water
  • Light Snacks
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